Monday, May 2, 2016

The Good Versus the Evil

What if you put good, civilized people in an evil and uncivilized place? Humans aren't perfect, everyone knows that, but how far will someone go when they are put in a place with no boundaries, no rules, and an uncontrolled authority. Humans are much more capable that they think they are. A prime example is The Stanford Prison Experiment. College kids were broken up into two groups; guards and prisoners. They then were put in a simulation prison. With cameras watching their every move, Professor Philip G. Zimbardo was able to see this experiment play out. In the experiment, a guard went as far as hitting the prisoner who was choking him, with his weapon that was given to him. Both people were acting extremely uncivilized and harmful toward each other. Long story short, the guards took advantage of their authority and things got way out of hand. Another example like this is Lord of the Flies. These elementary and middle school kids are stranded on an island with no parents, rules, or authority. If they want some type of order, they have to make it themselves and that can be quite difficult with this age range of children. They came to the island as civilized kids in their fancy clothes to becoming savages and killing people in fear of the unknown. Their reckless behavior gave them the worst possible outcome, the death of some of their friends. Sure, they probably didn't mean to kill anybody, but this just shows how out of hand a situation can get when people are put in an uncivilized place. Even Piggy in Lord of the Flies was changing, and he was practically the only one keeping the peace at the time. Based on these examples, I would say that evil triumphs in this situation and humanity doesn't win over evil. In both of these scenarios, both groups of people may have not necessarily started out with acts of hatred and savagery, but they sure did end with it.

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