Friday, January 29, 2016

Mental Illness on TV

When you hear the word "mental illness," are the first words you think of that pop into your head murderer or psychopath? Probably, right? TV has had a huge impact on how we view mental illnesses. We think of TV shows like Criminal Minds that show all these people with mental illnesses as insane crazy killers. In the article Mental illness sans cliches by Susan Brink, she stresses the importance that not all people with mental problems are insane. You would be surprised how many shows and movies have characters with mental illnesses and they are completely normal. Did you forget about the everyone's favorite childhood movie, Finding Nemo? Yes, that's right. Dory, Marlen's new friend, couldn't remember anything for the life of her. That is actually a mental illness. Dory has retrograde amnesia, which is when someone forgets part or all of their past. Dory is a loveable character and is a fan favorite of all. She is light hearted and positive despite her condition. See? Not everyone with a mental illness is bad!

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  1. This is great Jordyn! It is thoughtful, references the article that prompted your post, and gives a good example. I would have loved it if you elaborated even more about the article what you thought about its references to tv and film.