Thursday, October 8, 2015

School; is it making or breaking us?

Suli's message in the video is to not let your test scores determine your intelligence. Everyone thinks differently and learns differently. Society teaches us that we have to think the way the teacher teaches us, and if we don't, then we are wrong. The video said how we all love education, but hate school.  The irony in the video is that parents are telling their kids to do their work and learn all this material, but they don't even use the material themselves. Why learn something we will never use? Our grades don't measure how smart we are. If we are all different people, then why are we tested by the same means? We all learn differently and test differently.  Although he makes a strong point about grades not determining our success and intelligence, I don't agree with him supporting drop outs or not going to college. In this day and age, no matter how hard it gets, you will always do better if you stay in school. You are more likely to get the job you want by going to school. 

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